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J Harold (Jim) Badger’s books and articles reflect his opinion and experience on matters effecting senior Americans and provide a resource for the forward thinking “50-Plus” crowd. His articles and the articles of guest contributors provide smart,  thought-provoking commentary and guidance in the area of entrepreneurship, retirement,  personal development and longevity while giving voice to a concerned, aging, more diverse America. Its goal is to restore authenticity and productivity for the modern American senior around only efforts that the individual has passion for.

Much of Jim @ 40his writing about personal branding, reinventing yourself, extending influence and leadership is impacted in part by the science of “Identity” introduced by Anthony Robbins in his #1 National Bestseller Awaken the Giant Within.   In short, Mr. Robbins gives us an important point of view when developing a brand, “… the kind of person other people perceive us to be controls their responses to us…  And, their perceptions are fashioned by what we do.”  This perception of us by others IS our “brand” and the more affirmative response to this would indicate a “strong” brand.  Simply stated, there is no brand without the perception of the audience it is intended to serve.  More importantly, this perception is molded by what we do… not what we say.

Additional writings in many instances has also been influenced by his experience with the “cowboy way of life”. You will find often telling a old stories from past experiences as examples of the principles he expresses and to bring to life the ideas that are forwarded.  He is also noted as quoting, on a regular basis, the “Cowboy Wisdom” he has come to love and respect.

About this he has said,

….because just about everything comes with disclaimers these days this is mine! First and foremost, I make no pretense about being a cowboy. Much to the chagrin of my 13 year old son and my grandchildren as well….I am not!  That said I have spent most of my childhood through adult life in Texas and the Southwest.  During this time, I was drawn to and influenced by my association with the cowboy way of life; having had the good fortune throughout my varied experiences, to spend many hours in the company of cowboys and people who have many of the skills, mannerisms and grit that we tend to associate with the term cowboy.  Their understanding of how service, exceeding expectations and commitment develops influence in the the eyes of an intended audience is my best example.”


The 50 P50 Plus Logo 1lus Book Series currently include, American Brand…Why Cowboys Want Strong Brands, The Art of Reinventing Yourself After Fifty, The Magic of Right Sizing Your Life, The Secret to an Organized Mind, and So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur soon to be available on Amazon and Lulu.  The Secrets of Making Yourself Known…More Than Personal Brand Awareness, Social Media Rocks Influence is available through this website and is offered free as an eBook and an introduction to the no nonsense style.  These writings are a life’s work intended in a straight forward and concise way to define the mindsets, work habits and life adjustments required of the 50+ crowd to compete and be influencial in a changing world while exploring the entrepreneurial experience.


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Jim Profile (WP Who is the Publisher)J Harold (Jim) Badger
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Jim is a author, personal brand consultant and retired business technocrat, leveraging his entrepreneurial expertise in marketing, strategic business planning and digital innovation to provide thought-provoking commentary from a variety of cultural perspectives; particularly that of the actively involved “boomer” and senior.
His successful careers in commercial and investment banking, real estate development and home building, and internet entrepreneurship are the basis for his book The Art of Reinventing Yourself After Fifty, The Secret of Making Yourself Known, and Live to Eat.  Mr. Badger studied Fine Arts at Sam Houston University and holds a BS in Business Administration from San Francisco State and an MBA from the University of California Berkeley.