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Anxiety growing with Seniors

Surveys performed by AARP and other organizations suggested that there are significant issues that all seniors, including the Boomer Generation, have anxiety to some degree about today. In particular, AARP used a number of economic factors, from inflation to affordability of health care, to create an Anxiety Index. According to a poll by AARP, baby Boomers are more worried than any other age group about retirement security. Significantly, over 75% of Boomers below the age of 65 feel that they will have to delay retirement or not retire at all.

On healthcare, younger seniors believe that their health is pretty much out of their control. According to the Center for a Secure Retirement, 65% of these Americans think their health is mostly determined by their genes, as opposed to 46% who say it’s largely controlled by diet and 44%t who credit exercise as the key to health. However, as a senior we still do worry about declining health in our advancing years. Nearly four times as many Seniors worry about health more than they worry about finances or outliving their money. Most of us are concerned about escalating health care costs – at the very time when we are beginning to have increased needs for medical services and costly prescription drugs. Maintaining a  healthy lifestyle is a major concern of the 50+ population.

I will welcome comments by our readers and even invite guest posts from experts in the various fields of interest to Seniors. We are searching for contributors in varies disciplines who can write for us on a regular basis and extend their influence and positive experience in service to the 95 million seniors who have brought this great country to where it is today.

Many of these same seniors are searching for a way out of the feeling of irrelevance and invisibility while at the same time living life authentically with passion.  We’ll be talking about that here.