Eat to Live: Eating Well Rocks Longevity

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Most of us really want to be healthy. Good health though, like most things worth having, requires effort.  Quite frankly, this is the problem most of us have with it: We don’t want to work for it and can’t get our lazy butt in the game.

On the other hand some of my 5 readers have been working diligently on their health, wellness and longevity for years. And, some of their strategies and protocols have been put in this new book.

If you are over 50, weigh more than you did when you graduated high school, or have diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, or any other disorder that is limiting your quality of life; or you know some one who does, this is a must read.

It examines the effect of my over-indulgence over the years that led a harsh diagnosis a few months back:  I was  40 pounds’ over-weight with diabetes and high blood pressure and cancer as well.

It speaks to what I learned researching holistic ways to treat and beat these debilitating diseases.

Eating to Live is the FIRST in a new series of books by J Harold Badger targeting the new Boomer and Senior serious about elevating their quality of life. This series deals with longevity.  Hard copies will be available on Amazon and Lulu in late Spring

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