Kyäni’s Caring Hands

Kyäni Believes in Giving Back
January 1, 2017

Since helping others has been a major part of the Kyäni Founders’ core beliefs, this passion for giving back has led to Kyäni’s culture of giving and is the foundation for Kyäni Caring Hands.  It is, in part, why I become a partner with Kyani.  And why I recommend all of my clients and friends to help spread the nutritional value of Kyani around the world.

“As we look within ourselves, observe the needs around us and then take action, it allows us to ‘Experience more’ in a profound way,” says Kyäni Founder and Chairman Kirk Hansen, “Kyäni Caring Hands is only part of what we do, but it’s all of who we are.”

Kyäni has traveled to the remotest areas of Ecuador, Peru and Mexico to help those who can’t help themselves, those who are without substantive nutrition, along with those who need schools to educate their children and shelter from the elements.

Kyäni’s Caring Hands is a chance for Business Partners, Distributors and Customers to make life-changing donations with an outright donation or in purchasing Potato Paks for distribution to families who do not have basic nutrition or communities who need disaster relief.

One million life sustaining nutritional meals, was  given in 2016 to war torn, natural disaster or poverty stricken areas of the planet. Join us in that effort in 2017.


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