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Tip #4 The Secrets of Building a Stable Down Line


Regular Production of Daily Sign-Ups

In multi-level marketing the best way to demonstrate success to potential team members who may not be sure of your success, particularly when you are new is to engage in Internet marketing promotion.  Internet marketing promotion provides you with an opportunity to experience daily sign-ups. Consistent marketing for some months will definitely help your potential Team to follow your lead and sign themselves up as distributors.  It is normal for your potential team members to be skeptical especially when you are new but consistency in achieving high earnings through daily sign-ups will definitely win them over.

Duplication occurs when your team starts listening to you and following your advice. It is possible to build your downline in the shortest time and at the same time build a full-time income. You can only reap the benefits of network marketing by helping everyone in your downline to improve their work ethic.

Tip #3 The Secrets of Building a Stable Downline


In Tip 2 we discussed leap frogging as a method to build your downline to massive proportion.  Here we talk about a by-product of leap frogging and how to avoid it:

Don’t Leave Dead Bodies On The MLM Battlefield

Something I’ve seen some of the high earners do in multi-level marketing is leapfrog and then simply forget about the person they originally brought it.  And some of these I am responsible for building their online brand.

They keep digging with the proverbial jackhammer until they find a real leader, and once they do they simply abandon all the other people they brought in as the new leader goes to work.  Forgive me for saying this, but that is the absolutely most unethical thing you can do to your new growing Team, regardless of what happens below them.

A caviat  of course is once they’ve had their training however, if they decide not to put in the work there isn’t much you can do.  It’s about the only variable you can not control.

I highly encourage you however, to take it upon yourself to train your new people well.  Book out their training sessions. If they cancel continue rescheduling them until they are finished. Put them in your calendar, set reminders, and don’t forget.

One last thing!

What if you did the whole leapfrog down ten people deep, found a leader and bailed on the rest, but had 3 potential leaders above that may have built big businesses if you had trained them.  How much money would you have thrown away simply because you were looking for polished diamonds, rather than unpolished ones.

Food for thought.

Tip #1 The Secrets of Building a Stable Down Line

Businessman drawing multilevel marketing scheme. Isolated on white.

This year I have worked with many network marketing entrepreneurs as the architect of their personal online brand. Unfortunately they spend a lot of money with me to get the right presence though it often never develops a life changing income for them.  The reason for that, in my opinion. is that they did not first learn the basic fundamentals of their business.

It is the dream of each and every network marketer to build a huge downline (Team) because this leads to huge, life changing monthly income quickly. This can be done online but only if you have the basics of your network marketing business down first  Once the basics are down you can explode your income and recruiting online.  There are several steps to building a successful downline online.  The first and most important is included here:

Tip #1 Focus On Your Own Production, the Basics and Training. You should first of all ensure that you have a healthy income from your own production before you can start thinking about your team’s residual pass-up commission and duplication. Real duplication can only occur if you set a good example by producing great results for your down-line (future “Team”) to emulate. Your Team will only follow and believe in your instructions when you concentrate on improving your personal production first.

Furthermore, you’re going to want of master the arts of qualifying, inviting, following up, objections handling, enrolling your people and training your people.  Whether all this is done manually or electronically, without these crucial skills and technical knowledge you will never be able to do anything with the leads you generate online. If you’re interested in sinking your business faster than the titanic, by all means spend a lot of money with me to generate a world class online brand to generate a ton of leads if you don’t know how to do the things I just mentioned above?  Master the fundamentals folks, your downline will thank you for it once you’ve learned how to implement the fundamentals.

Here is a great article on mastering the fundamentals from 3 top recruiters in the industry. You’ll get a better idea how important the fundamentals are from this article.

With regard to training, becoming a leader at training is vital in getting your downline to duplicate. This is the ability to take all of the other skills I mentioned and pass them on in an efficient manner so that each new person coming into your organization can pass them on as well.  This is the key that will unlock all the doors in your business. If you learn how to do anything in the network marketing industry, learn how to train others.

The process is actually very simple. Here is what it looks like:

  • Pick a skill you are going to train, even if it is the skill of training, it doesn’t matter.
  • Explain to the trainee what you are going to teach them, by summarizing the steps.
  • Have the trainee perform the skill and coach themselves until you are confident they can perform it independently.
  • Demonstrate to the trainee what the skill looks like once proficient. Coach yourself and let the trainee know what went wrong and what was done correctly
  • Have the trainee perform the skill and provide coaching to them on their performance.

Having said that, it is difficult to produce great results by using old school methods which rely on meetings, prospecting, cold calling leads. Once you know the basics you must use modern online network marketing strategies.  Examples of these strategies you should try using include online article directories, fresh keyword targeted blog content and placing banner ads and podcasts for training. You should try your level best to leverage modern internet marketing strategies in order to magnify your results in personal production and building a Team.