Tip #3 The Secrets of Building a Stable Downline


In Tip 2 we discussed leap frogging as a method to build your downline to massive proportion.  Here we talk about a by-product of leap frogging and how to avoid it:

Don’t Leave Dead Bodies On The MLM Battlefield

Something I’ve seen some of the high earners do in multi-level marketing is leapfrog and then simply forget about the person they originally brought it.  And some of these I am responsible for building their online brand.

They keep digging with the proverbial jackhammer until they find a real leader, and once they do they simply abandon all the other people they brought in as the new leader goes to work.  Forgive me for saying this, but that is the absolutely most unethical thing you can do to your new growing Team, regardless of what happens below them.

A caviat  of course is once they’ve had their training however, if they decide not to put in the work there isn’t much you can do.  It’s about the only variable you can not control.

I highly encourage you however, to take it upon yourself to train your new people well.  Book out their training sessions. If they cancel continue rescheduling them until they are finished. Put them in your calendar, set reminders, and don’t forget.

One last thing!

What if you did the whole leapfrog down ten people deep, found a leader and bailed on the rest, but had 3 potential leaders above that may have built big businesses if you had trained them.  How much money would you have thrown away simply because you were looking for polished diamonds, rather than unpolished ones.

Food for thought.

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