Why Stress is a Major Killer When It Comes to Longevity

Red lights, piles of laundry, crashing computers, and major deadline days … A modern seniors life is full of stressors, and the Centers for Disease Control even estimate that stress causes 80% of illness! Did you ever wonder why?

In your gut are thousands of good bacteria like lactobacillus that literally act as agents for your health – they digest food, create needed enzymes and support your immune system. When stressed, your body’s pH becomes more acidic, providing an environment where bad bacteria can flourish, compromising immunity and leading to disease.

According to research, chronic stress can kill the populations of good bacteria in your gut. The good news is that recent findings show supplementing with probiotics and PH9+ water, encourages the population of the stomach lining with good bacteria while the alkaline water helps to balance out the acidity in your body.

These good bacteria can correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fight fungal infections like candida and boost immunity.

There are many ways to incorporate stress-fighting healthy bacteria into your daily life with probiotic-rich foods some of which are listed below along with a commerically available probiotic drink or pill.

I personally use Yakult (See Health Advisor: Is Yakult Good for You?), Probiotics One (See Probiotics Guide Ranked) downed with a bottle of AZon Water every morning after my 5:30am 2 mile power walk.

Both provide an inexpensive way to consume beneficial probiotics — and balance your body’s acidic content. Additionally, using the simple recipes in our soon to be published cookbook Eat to Live…The Cookbook using simple culture and Kefir starters allows you to add the best probiotics into your diet.

Meanwhile, using widely distributed organic probiotic food products through Whole Foods, Wild Oats and other organic grocers are excellent for adding probiotics.

Stress is rampant in today’s society – and while decreasing it would be ideal, it’s almost a given that some level of stress is here to stay. And while that stress is destroying the beneficial bacteria in your gut, a probiotic-rich foods diet will constantly ensure that you have an abundant amount of friendly flora being constantly replenished each day. Using a probiotic-rich food diet can be your greatest ally in rebuilding these “good guys” in your gut – and maintaining your health.

So as you see with everyone talking about all the terrific benefits of probiotics, you’re probably wondering if there are any probiotic foods that can give you some of those benefits in addition to taking a probiotic supplement.

The answer is yes!

So without further hesitation, here is our list of the top 7 foods that contain probiotics.

  • Yogurt– This is the most popular food when people think about probiotics.  As most of you know, yogurt is simply made by fermenting milk.  In most cases, cow’s milk is used to make yogurt and be sure to use Greek style fat free, plain, sugar free yogurt.
  • Green Pickles– Unbeknownst to most, the regular old green pickle is a great source of probiotics.  In most cases, pickles are pickled in brine or vinegar and left to ferment.  To get the most benefit from a probiotic standpoint, make sure sea salt and water are used instead of brine or vinegar.
  • Kefir– Kefir is a fermented milk drink popular in southern Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.  Similar to yogurt, it’s made with kefir grains and fermented milk.
  • Sauerkraut– This can be a good source of probiotics.  It’s finely cut cabbage that has been fermented with lactic acid bacteria.  I know that sounds gross, but many people around the world love it!
  • Kimchi– Loaded with probiotics, kimchi is a spicy, fermented cabbage dish very popular in Korea.
  • Miso Soup– Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans and sometimes other grains.  When made correctly, miso can contain over 160 strains of probiotics!  It’s commonly enjoyed in soup around the world.
  • Lassi– This popular beverage in India is a combination of yogurt, spices and oftentimes fruit. the yogurt is what gives it it’s probiotic kick.

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